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Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

Bungie, 01.10.2019
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New ghosts have appeared in the shadow of our moon.
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Destiny 2: Shadowkeeper is another, rather "compact" addition to Destiny 2, which, nevertheless, turns everything upside down and forces the player to look at the usual elements of the gameplay in a new way. This is a DLC that will surprise any fan of this world, even with a limited amount of new content.

Add-on features

In Destiny 2: Shadowkeeper, in the story, the player finds himself back on the Moon, where he has to face the mysterious Pyramid. Get ready to uncover secrets that will change everything.

  • Updated design of the Moon, where players will rediscover many new things

  • An interesting plot idea that will make you remember many of the past parts and additions of the game

  • Several new locations to explore

  • Stylish visuals that evoke fear this time

  • Similar to the first Destiny, the developers have added three new parameters to the armor - intelligence, discipline and strength

Destiny 2: Shadowkeeper is an add-on that has a lot of fun and excitement.

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