Day of Infamy

New World Interactive, 23.03.2017
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Day of Infamy is a fierce infantry battle of the Second World War
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Are you tired of primitive shooters, where you can get the upper hand by courage and reaction? Then for you an outlet in the genre of hardcore multiplayer action games, and even in the beloved and familiar to all the setting of the Second World War. Day of Infamy offers players to plunge into the heat of the legendary conflict in the person of a simple soldier and officer. Defeat the enemy team with cunning, tactics and competent team actions and remember, almost every bullet is deadly.

Game features

• Realistic atmosphere of the largest military conflict in the history of mankind, without unreasonable “cinema” heroes, impressive sound design and detailing of the game world • Hardcore gameplay with a minimum of interface and the ability to die with one shot • Nine classes of soldiers, each of which has unique weapons and tactical skills • Victory is built on the basis of combining the skills of players in a team • A lot of subtleties in the treasury of realism - the ability to break when falling from a small height, to hear the enemy in steps behind the wall and so on

Day of Infamy is a place where atmosphere and gameplay decide everything. Shooters on a beautiful schedule do not leave.

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