Dawn of Andromeda

Iceberg Interactive, 04.05.2017
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Dawn of Andromeda - real-time space strategy
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Do you like classic 4X strategies on a global space theme? You have the opportunity to put aside the endless passage of recognized masterpieces of the genre in order to taste the new project - Dawn of Andromeda.

Game features

The developers of Dawn of Andromeda did not begin to take a difficult and sophisticated path in creating the concept of their project. They took all the best that is in the genre, carefully reworked and refreshed it, added a pinch of their own ideas - and now, the project, which is designed to rekindle nostalgia among the Oldfags, as well as introduce young people to the genre, is ready.

  • The traditional plot of the plot - the war of all against all in space, no frills

  • Eight game races to choose from, each of which has its own characteristics and unique development strategy (for example, humanity is strong in diplomacy, there are peaceful farmers, but bloodthirsty aggressors are also present)

  • Flexible ability to choose a starting point - for example, start the game from full zero, or take control of a developed empire at one or another level

  • A large tree of development of civilization skills, which is subtly reflected in the gameplay, depending on the player’s choices

Dawn of Andromeda is a secondary project, but made with love and respect. Fans of the genre will find something pleasant, others will solemnly open the genre of global strategy for themselves.

You can buy Dawn of Andromeda from us at a low price. Take the keys to the global strategy in space for Steam on favorable terms, register on the platform and download the game.