Darksiders 3

THQ Nordic, 27.11.2018
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You are returning to Earth as the sister of the horsemen of the Apocalypse Lutti. To save the earth and restore the balance of good and evil.
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Darksiders 3 is a continuation of the popular series of slashers with RPG elements. In the first game, the main character was the younger brother of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse - War. In the second part, gamers were offered to be in the role of Death. In the new slasher you have to play for their sister - Rage. Players waiting for a hurricane action and a lot of exciting online adventures. If you want to play Darksiders 3, you can buy the key to the game on the gamefy for a couple of minutes.

Key features

The product is developed by Gunfire Games. The game takes place in parallel with the events of the second part. The Fury's goal is to defeat the seven deadly sins that were released to Earth in the form of creepy monsters. The passage of the slasher is filled with many adventures and the solution of terrible secrets. Game features:

  1. Setting. In many ways repeats the graphics of the previous parts. By the achievements of the developers, you can rank the new special effects that make the game more colorful. The gameplay, as in the previous parts, is carried out from the third person.
  2. Fighting. Developed by developers. Added new combinations of strikes, Rage acts faster and is capable of instantly cracking down on many opponents. The main weapon is the whip. The latter is able to change its shape. During the game you will also be able to learn new techniques and types of weapons.
  3. Locations. The hunt for each of the mortal sins takes place in different places. The player will visit the dungeons, stroll through the skies and defeat the huge hordes of enemies.

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