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The chosen will go the paths of ancestors. But look at the former greatness will not succeed. Powerful fortresses lie in ruins. The grand castles have become new walls. Beautiful gardens die in poisonous swamps.
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Dark Souls 3 is another part of a series of iconic hardcore action-RPGs that offer players a new story in a familiar world. At the same time, you get an abundance of new content that affects the passage, along with new gaming locations, methods of warfare. Embark on a new adventure and do not expect that this time it will be even a tenth of a percent easier!

Game features

  • Perfectly adjusted visual style and sound effects;
  • Huge gaming locations filled with surprises and surprises;
  • Updated covenants and complex new bosses, each of which will require a special tactic;
  • Game design, which delays the game for a long time;
  • Epic campaign plot, which completes the story of the first two parts;
  • High-quality optimization of the game, which allows you to feel comfortable players on machines of different capacities.

Dark Souls 3 is the sequel that everyone has been waiting for. And it lives up to 100%.

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