DARK SOULS III Deluxe Edition

FromSoftware, Inc., BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, 11.04.2016
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Composition of the publication: DARK SOULS III game, DARK SOULS III Season Pass
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It is time for an adventure that will complete this story. Dark Souls 3 draws a line of adventure in an unfriendly but open to exploration world. The atmosphere of darkness and decline accompanies the players at every step in this Action / RPG, and with the Dark Souls 3: Deluxe Edition you can get the most out of this adventure.

**Features of the release ** • Dark Souls 3 Deluxe Edition is the full original version of the game, plus all the official Season Pass add-ons “in one box”, for the convenience of the most dedicated gamers • Gloomy and oppressive atmosphere of the world • Powerful role-playing system and complex gameplay, which stand out qualitatively against the background of genre alternatives of our time • Stylish game design and many details in the gameplay that will make you stay here for a long time. • Improved game mechanics Dark Souls 3 compared to previous parts • Large-scale and smart plot • Sophisticated and original bosses that require a unique approach, as a nice bonus.

Dark Souls 3: Deluxe Edition is an easy way to get the most out of your favorite game in one fell swoop.

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