Crusader Kings II

Paradox Interactive, 14.02.2012
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Crusader Kings II is a politically dynamical medieval simulator. The game covers the period of almost 700 years. Medieval Europe comes alive in this epic game of knights, intrigues and thrones.
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Are you dreaming of becoming the ruler of feudal Europe? Perhaps many strategies offer the player the opportunity in one form or another, but Crusader Kings 2 does so with an emphasis on maximalism. This is a global strategy where the player is capable of literally anything. Get ready for difficult negotiations with vassals, look for reasons for war and gradually build a big state - you can buy Crusader Kings 2 cheaply in the Gamefy.Store computer games store.

Game features

  • The “many-sided” system of small principalities with an abundance of historical characters. Each of them, having unique character traits, will have to interact with the construction of the state.
  • Unlimited possibilities of foreign policy: in addition to wars, it is necessary to engage in espionage, build dynasties, form loyalty of vassals and conduct multivariate negotiations.
  • Internal aspects, such as the development of technology and religion, are not forgotten as well.
  • Credible world of the Middle Ages - starting the game at any time, you will encounter an absolutely realistic game situation at that time.
  • Genuine minimalism of the visual representation of the world, which does not distract from the gameplay.

Crusader Kings 2 - a sample of the genre that delays the gameplay for hundreds of hours.

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