To activate this DLC you must have the main game Crusader Kings II

Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury DLC

Paradox Interactive, 13.11.2018
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Holy Fury is a new addition to Crusader Kings II, a medieval role-playing game. Stand on your military advisers in support of your majestic conquests, bow down to the Pope to receive the blessing or take up the throne.
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Holy Fury - another DLC to the legendary strategy of Crusader Kings 2. The fifteenth supplement contains all the advantages of the original and, at the same time, has new elements. Play has become more interesting! In the gamefy online store you can buy a Steam activation key for Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury cheaper than other sites.

Main characteristics

Medieval adventures continue! In Holy Fury added new features associated with various religions. In addition, Old Gods became available change of faith, but otherwise, it's all the same good old global strategy with an exciting gameplay and exciting plot. The game features are as follows:

  1. Pagan gods. Now you can develop old religions. And the user can go in two ways: to create a "faith of peace" or "cult of war." This made the game for the northern peoples of Europe even more fascinating.
  2. Legendary Dynasties. The descendants of the greatest warriors receive bonuses corresponding to the achievements of their ancestors. The campaign contains the genealogies of Charlemagne, Genghis Khan, etc.
  3. Divide and conquer. A disagreeable vassal can be persuaded to take your side or provoke a conflict. Each user chooses his tactics.
  4. Canonization. Holy Catholics will be able to pass on their holiness to descendants. The place of their burial acquires important value in the game.
  5. Coronation. To become a monarch you need to find representatives of the clergy who will lead the coronation - you cannot be a self-proclaimed king.
  6. Crusades. Religious wars of the era are better reflected in this DLC than in previous additions.

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