The Crew 2

Ubisoft, 29.06.2018
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Participate in competitions for every taste on various equipment: from cars and motorcycles to motor boats and airplanes.
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35.34 $

Looking for an opportunity to gently ride with the wind, admiring the beautiful scenery on the monitor screen? Arcade The Crew 2 will give you a great, visually juicy opportunity to do so. And, unlike the first part, here you can not only ride - choose an air transport or a boat to your size, and then hit the road on the roads and routes of a vast, detailed world!

Game features

  • Light and pleasant, almost no development required arcade simulator of auto, air and water races - each type of transport has its own approach to management and competition
  • A huge, deeply detailed world that you want to enjoy every inch of the game track. But don't get too distracted from the road!
  • Become the best athlete in the world, competitions are held on all types of transport
  • A huge fleet of licensed vehicles, including an abundance of opportunities for modification and pumping machines
  • The game map with all the competitions is open initially - get ready for the fact that the world is huge, and it is completely seamless
  • Realistic weather effects that affect the game.

The Crew 2 does not make a revolution in its genre, but this game can fill more than one easy and unobtrusive evening with presence!

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