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Control is the quintessence of Remedy flirting with themes of metaphysics, paranormal and destructive
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The main character, an ordinary girl, enters a huge building in the middle of New York in search of answers to which questions will become clear a little later. The mysterious atmosphere is alarming, and it very soon finds evidence. Having picked up the found revolver, she plunges with the player for long and fascinating hours of a bizarre, very stylish third-person action game Control. Time to solve riddles and destroy enemies!

Game features

The creators of Max Payne and Alan Wake present a three-dimensional third-person shooter, which is saturated with an atmosphere of mysteries. The game takes place inside a skyscraper, which is fraught with many unusual secrets and mysteries. Skirmishes, puzzles, riddles and answers to them - all this gradually, with taste will help to approach the denouement.

  • Control is a fairly traditional third-person shooter, where the main emphasis is on the mystery of what is happening

  • The main character fights with opponents in skirmishes and uses paranormal abilities

  • The developers built the plot on understatements and intrigue - avoiding clear answers, they attract attention with mystery at every step

  • The visual design of the building is beyond praise - it is like living and something more than just decoration - every detail in its place

  • In general, the story is simple enough, but fully thought out to believe the logic of what is happening until the end

All this is enough for Control to keep the attention of gamers to the bitter end.

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