Iceberg Interactive, 06.06.2017
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Conarium is a chilling game based on an exciting story.
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Conarium - atmospheric adventure horror, designed in the style of Lovecraft. The main character comes to life at a research station in Antarctica and does not find colleagues around. He will explore the station and find answers to what is happening around. And the atmosphere here is, to say the least, frightening. And nobody canceled hallucinations.

Game features

  • Atmospheric adventure in the spirit of the stories of the famous author of horror

  • High-quality picture, subtly corresponding to the style

  • A constant sense of horror, interspersed with interest in further developments

  • Balanced gameplay, where a large role is given to solving puzzles and finding answers - but you will also have to run from monsters

  • A wide variety of mini-games and puzzles designed to organically diversify the gameplay

  • Authentic music

Conarium is a short but very addictive genre game. Fans of the genre and style will not remain disappointed.

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