Company of Crime

1C Entertainment, 08.08.2020
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Company of Crime is a turn-based tactical combat game about the rise of a criminal empire
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A couple of years ago, there was a significant shortage of tactical strategies on the market. Good - and even more so. But today there is plenty to choose from, and this must be done carefully. What do you think about the idea of ​​plunging into a gangster showdown on the streets of London in the 1960s and proving to the police and competitors who is in charge? Or walk with the truncheon of the law on the presumptuous bandits? In any case, you will have to not only shoot, but also use your brains, controlling a group in Company of Crime.

Game features

Company of Crime is a turn-based tactical strategy game dedicated to the confrontation between gangsters and police in London in the middle of the last century. By choosing a side, the player gets the opportunity to take control of a brother and sister who are building a criminal empire, or a young police officer who has just become a member of a special squad to combat organized crime.

  • Well-knit game mechanics that enthrall the player in diverse missions throughout the entire story campaign

  • A well-thought-out combat system using not only firearms, but also clubs, broken bottles, brass knuckles and everything that the bandits come across under the arm

  • Detailed style and atmosphere of Britain, in the details

  • Stage of the global strategy that determines the development of events

  • A number of unique opportunities for building tactics during the game

  • Budget, but appropriate picture, sound and animation

Company of Crime is a worthy representative of the genre, capable of offering a lot of interesting and non-trivial to the player.

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