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Code Vein

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, 27.09.2019
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CODE VEIN is an apocalyptic RPG about vampires in anime style.
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Code Vein is a new role-playing game in the style of the jRPG genre, which offers players to immerse themselves in an unusual post-apocalyptic setting. The developers did not stint on the details, which made the banal concepts about the end of the world and immortal vampires original, due to the many fascinating details. Adding to this high-quality gameplay, which took the best from a number of analogues, users get a holistic and exciting game product.

Game features

The action takes place on Earth after the apocalypse. It left only the ruins of cities and the surviving immortals who became vampires. Against this background, the story of the Chosen One unfolds, which will save the remnants of civilization and give it a chance for salvation.

• Bright surroundings, in which the atomosphere of the world is carefully transmitted through the details, from objects of the surrounding world, and to the costumes of characters • Gameplay and combat system according to the canons of jRPG • Complete customization of the character’s appearance and a unique system of “blood codes”, which gives the immortal unique combinations of game skills • Three fundamentally different types of fighters - warrior, mage and defender, master of shooting and support • The ability to play the game in a cooperative

Code Vein is a skillful curtsy towards the pillars of the genre, which brings many interesting ideas and finds there.

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