Cities: Skylines

Paradox Interactive, 10.03.2015
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Cities: Skylines is the latest example of a classic simulator. The game offers thoroughly new game elements to understand the difficulty of creating and maintaining a real city with its expansion to the metropolis.
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Cities Skylines is a unique strategy that will allow you to try yourself as a great creator and autocrat. The game belongs to the genre of urban simulator. The product was well received by the gamer community. The game has beautiful graphics, and addictive gameplay. In the online gamefy store you can buy the key to its licensed version.

Main characteristics

During the game, the user will have to master and use unique construction technologies, to develop his own city development strategy. In Cities Skylines you can show your talent as an architect at 100%. Highlight the most important features of the game:

  1. City Management. The user gets a huge set of tools to manage their settlement. You will be able to divide the territory of the city into districts, and monitor in detail the processes occurring in them.
  2. Budgeting. For the development of the city we need a lot of money. You will be able to regulate the size of taxes and exercise control over the prices of goods. Use your own strategy to create a thriving metropolis!
  3. Developed diplomacy. To succeed, establish connections with neighboring cities. Good trade relations - the key to success.
  4. Creating mods. Users have the opportunity to develop their own modifications of the game. Show yourself and create your own version of a city planning simulator!

In the gamefy online store you can buy the Cities Skylines key for Steam at an attractive price. A purchase is made in a few clicks: go through the registration, add the product to the basket and pay for it. This can be done using any bank card. Payment is also accepted through the LiqPay payment system. Playing this strategy is one of the most interesting and exciting leisure activities.