To activate this DLC you must have the main game Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit

Paradox Interactive, 18.05.2017
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Supplement that will allow citizens to move quickly, stylishly and comfortably. Now, residents will be able to move on the water, climb the mountains and even ride through the air.
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8.23 $

The creators of Cities: Skylines continue to systematically develop and deepen their urban planning simulator, which has already become truly cult in the genre. And the addition of Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit qualitatively supports this trend. It’s time for the fans to build cities to get ready - a global addition will give you a sea of ​possibilities that will be easy to get lost in!

Features of the add-on

Mass Transit is dedicated to the organization of new public transport systems. And the abundance of the presented content in this direction transform game cities beyond recognition.

  • Create amazing travel routes using monorails, cable cars, subways, airships, steamboats
  • Build the most convenient mechanics of moving passengers in a big city, using interchanges and combining all available modes of transport.
  • Ability to manually adjust the traffic lights and install traffic signs for clear traffic control
  • Updated traffic information panel
  • New scenarios with objectives for improving transport infrastructure

Every connoisseur will find something special in Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit. If you like this series and global sandboxes, it is not recommended to skip this addition.

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