To activate this DLC you must have the main game Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines - Industries

Paradox Interactive, 23.10.2018
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In this one of the most profound expansions in the history of Cities: Skylines, the industry is becoming a much more significant part of the game.
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Cities: Skylines - Industries - another global addition to the best simulator of urban development of recent times. This update package offers users to feel the charm and greatness of industrialization. Build a strong and rich industrial city, not forgetting about the health and well-being of citizens!

Game features

• New well thought-out mechanics of building and development of industrial areas of the city • Mechanics of self-distribution of resources and the formation of supply chains, which will give the game a significant share of realism • Five new game cards and a lot of additional content, including development policies, services, buildings • The ability to give buildings the status of a historical monument, as well as give names to citizens, houses and districts of the city

Cities: Skylines - Industries is a new, powerful look at what a prosperous city should be in this game!

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