To activate this DLC you must have the main game Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines - Green Cities

Paradox Interactive, 19.10.2017
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Green Cities is an addition that allows you to build even more environmentally friendly cities.
3.42 $
8.23 $

The emphasis on environmental friendliness and "green" city - this is how one can characterize the key message of the supplement Cities: Skylines - Green Cities. This is a global addition dedicated to green energy technologies, environmentally friendly materials for the construction of houses and so on. Build a city of the future, where there is no place for remnants of the industrial past!

Game features

• Abundance of “green” content in all areas: buildings and building materials, organic goods stores, electric cars, etc. • Special options for all urban areas, taking into account the criteria of environmental cleanliness • New scenarios for passing along with new policy options. • Six new types of achievements for the player • A new type of monument, to match the theme of the game

All together - the embodiment of the dream of a clean future, which we can try to build here and now.

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