Cities: Skylines. Deluxe Edition

Paradox Interactive, 10.03.2015
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Cities: Skylines is the latest example of a classic simulator. The game offers thoroughly new game elements to understand the difficulty of creating and maintaining a real city with its expansion to the metropolis.
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The city-planning simulator is a rare genre that most people associate with the old series of SimCity games. New games practically do not appear, and those that are, have both pluses and minuses. Fans of the genre can hardly reconcile with this state of affairs. At this time, Cities: Skylines offered the player a nice, holistic gameplay that hits with detail. And in the Gamefy.Store store you can buy a Steam key for Cities: Skylines. Deluxe Edition - the most complete game build at the moment.

Game features

  • Traditional urban planning simulator, where you have to play the role of mayor of a developing (from scratch) city, which should be brought to prosperity.
  • The abundance of landscapes and terrain features that affect the gameplay directly.
  • A flexible hint system that will help the new mayor understand the main mechanics of the game quickly.
  • Not so simple: gameplay Cities: Skylines. The Deluxe Edition includes a number of details that can create huge problems in an instant.
  • Build an efficient, profitable economy through a balanced number of jobs, opportunities for entrepreneurs, etc.
  • Take into account the needs of the population, so that citizens live comfortably - the game indicators are affected by the level of pollution, noise and much more.
  • Deluxe Edition includes new content and features: historical monuments, an updated soundtrack, a collection of images dedicated to game objects, etc.

The city is waiting for your decisions, Honorable Mayor!

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