To activate this DLC you must have the main game Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines - After Dark

Paradox Interactive, 24.09.2015
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The central innovation additions is the process of changing the day and night, changing the approach to managing the city. Do you build a city that lives and walks all night long, or is it better not to go outside at night in your town?
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Cities: Skylines - After Dark is another addition to the “city simulator” that systematically leads to absolute realism of what is happening. Now, players will have to deal with the change of day and night, which brings important new mechanics to the game process.

**** Features of the add-on

• Natural changes at night, to which you need to respond promptly - an increase in crime, a decrease in urban traffic, the work of public utilities (using the latter at night is more expensive, but the absence of large traffic at night allows them to work more efficiently) • Important innovations in the "nightlife" of the city, with clubs and other entertainment facilities - it is important to take into account sanitary standards for noise, lighting, and so on. • Ability to create commercial areas by specialization

The city becomes more interesting and diverse in Cities: Skylines - After Dark. See for yourself.

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