Children of Morta

11 bit studios, 03.09.2019
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Children of Morta is a story-driven RPG about an unusual family of heroes
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How about a sip of old-school, hard-hitting Diablo-style action / RPG - games where there is a character role and absolutely nothing extra to separate his sword or magic from the hordes of monsters around? Such isometric possibilities appear less and less, and nowadays they should be appreciated worth their weight in gold. When it comes to games in good performance. And Children of Morta can become such a small discovery in the genre for all fans and not only.

Game features

Children of Morta is a classic, rather unsightly Hack n Slash game, full of the canons of the genre and sustained in an atmospheric performance that makes it possible to forgive the secondary nature of the situation. You are given the opportunity to play the role of a whole family that protects the sacred Mount Mort from monsters and any intrusions. Serious tests are approaching, and you need to be ready for them fully armed!

  • An interesting twist to the concept of character classes: the whole family is available, and each of the characters belongs to a different class

  • Traditional gameplay in the spirit of Diablo, which will delight and nostalgic, but also give a lot of fresh moments at the same time

  • Simple yet atmospheric and original storyline that nicely complements the gameplay

  • A world rich in riddles and various locations

  • A large number of loot and opportunities for pumping the character

Children of Morta is representative of the classic action RPGs as they are.

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