Call of Duty 2

Activision, 25.10.2005
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This is a real war, cruel and bloody, destroying fate and killing lives. Shoulder to shoulder with your comrades, you have a hard way to go.
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What do you know about the unfading classics of shooters about the Second World War? Once this time period reigned supreme in the world of furious linear first-person shooters. And one of the pearls of the era was the second part of the legendary and endless series at the moment - Call of Duty 2. Fascinating battles on the fields of the most terrible war still look decent, and if you once missed or managed to forget - today you can catch up * eleven hours of boring gameplay.

Game features

• Classic linear shooter in the best traditions of the genre in the mid-zero • An exciting and diverse campaign, where the player will visit in the shoes of several characters of the Soviet, American and British armies • The iconic battles of World War II on your screens: Stalingrad, the North African campaign, the battle of Caen, the landing in Normandy, the Rhine operation • A variety of game tasks: city battles, raids in the forests, tank missions in the desert and much more • Hardcore gameplay with a minimum of interface and the ability to die from a couple of shots • Cinematography and the need to build tactics in many missions for passing

Call of Duty 2 - unfading classic that will offer you a juicy gameplay in a win-win setting.

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