Borderlands 3

2K, 13.09.2019
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All of your favorite "shooter with bastilions of loot" is back to please you with countless slaughtered trunks and a new horse-drawn adventure!
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Borderlands 3 is a long-awaited new part of a series of black-fiction fantastic action, which does not try to invent new concepts, but seeks to bring to the ideal familiar game mechanics loved by the army of fans in the usual entourage. And today you can order Borderlands 3 cheaply - the original keys are available in the online store Gamefy.Store.

Game features

  • Familiar gameplay in a fully updated, state-of-the-art technical performance - pleases not only the heart, but also the eye
  • Crazy gameplay with an abundance of weapons and monsters infested on uncharted planets in an infinite number
  • Recognizable visual style, favorite and corporate humor of the series, which you can love and hate, but definitely better to love
  • More room for tactics in battle, with movement in all possible directions, including up and down
  • Updated multiplayer with smart allies and a balanced command component, where each class plays a value
  • Truly random loot that provides high replayability.
  • New characters with unique abilities and characters: Amara, Zayn Flint and others.

A new round of crazy fun is what awaits the fans in Borderlands 3. But even newcomers will find themselves here easily.

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