Bomber Crew

Curve Digital, 19.10.2017
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Bomber Crew is a strategic game where death sends you to a knockout, and the loss of a crew member can be fatal for the entire mission. Prepare for adventure!
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Bomber Crew is a game that combines two genres: strategy and simulator. Cartoony graphics can be confusing for users regarding the quality of gameplay, but the game requires gamers to display many talents. If you are interested in the game Bomber Crew, you can buy the activation key Steam on our website.

Main settings

The plot of the game is based on the history of the Second World War. In your control gets a military aircraft and you need to dial a suitable crew. You will go to a storm of adventures, the thick of air battles, so in order to successfully accomplish military missions you need not only to pick up comrades-in-arms, but also to train your staff well. In this game you will need to fight the enemy forces both on land and on land. Key product features:

  1. Gameplay. The gameplay is exciting and interesting. The user needs to monitor the readings on the instrument panel of the aircraft, control the consumption of ammunition and give commands to the members of his crew.
  2. Team. Take care of your players, because without a prepared team, winning is almost impossible. Suck up their skills, give them enough time for rest and leisure. Crew members also need to be treated and trained.
  3. Setting. Designers from the studio Runner Duck did their best. The graphics in the game are not only original, but also beautiful, the instrument panel is comfortable and intuitive. You can choose the color of your combat vehicle and make some inscription on its fuselage.
  4. Passage. To win the war, the player will have to take part in many battles. Gain experience, upgrade your plane and train your team - only this way you can win the war!

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