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Blasphemous is a dynamic, intense platformer that combines the features of aggressive games with a lot of battles
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Blasphemous is a simple and stylish action arcade game for those who miss the good old ultra-violence. The developers were not too lazy to embody the abundance of blood and dismembered on the screen that accompany every step of this pixel action.

Game features

The action of the game, densely flavored with the mysticism of Spain and the stories of Lovecraft, takes place in a fictional country, which was enveloped in a curse. The nomad barbarian the Penitent is the one that this world needs in order to save things and restore the old days.

• Stylish two-dimensional action, made in a slightly detailed style with large pixels • Dynamic and ultra-bloody gameplay for connoisseurs • A gloomy fantasy world where myths and superstitions intertwine • Possibility of non-linear passage of the game, open world • A large number of inventory items that affect the style of passage

In sum, this is something that was lacking for an audience that does not accept political correctness as a given of the present.

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