Black Mirror Bundle

THQ Nordic, 19.04.2011
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Black Mirror Bundle includes Black Mirror, Black Mirror II, Black Mirror III
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Black Mirror is an iconic series of popular adventure games in the genre of Point-And-Click Adventure, which remains interesting for the modern lover of good, thoughtful puzzles. The player will again and again plunge into the Gothic atmosphere of ancient British castles of the Middle Ages, family secrets and something supernatural.

These are two-dimensional third-person quests, the main tasks in which are to search for objects, to unleash puzzles and speak with characters in order to unravel the detective story. We have a license available Steam Black Mirror Bundle - an anthology of all three parts of the series. Veterans can be nostalgic, and a new generation of players to discover an exciting series of quests for themselves is enough to buy the Black Mirror Bundle key.

Game features

  • Traditional, easy to learn quest gameplay.
  • Entangled scenes where every detail plays a role in the passage.
  • The abundance of characters and locations - the dialogues and visual design worked out in the details, with the soul.
  • Realistic animation in a two-dimensional world.
  • Fascinating and varied puzzles literally at every step.

The Black Mirror Bundle is good proof that great games deserve to be remembered.

We can buy Black Mirror Bundle for Steam. Just buy a key, register it in the system, install and play!