Beholder 2

Alawar Premium, 05.12.2018
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Beholder 2 will appeal to players who value games for the plot, original setting and visual design.
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Beholder 2 - the continuation of the game about the manager in a terrible totalitarian state, which successfully develops the ideas of the original. This game provides an opportunity to start the career path in the main ministry in the same totalitarian society. Moving on the plot further and further, the hero will face many moral choices, reveal many secrets and occupy high positions.

Game features

  • The original game world and a story that captures from the first minutes

  • Aged, stylish visual component that enhances the immersion in the atmosphere of totalitarianism and bureaucracy

  • Users note the extreme ease of management and navigation that the developers managed to provide with the transition to 3D

  • A large number of alternative solutions for completing certain quests

  • Authentic music and soundtrack included

Beholder 2 is a small gem of a modern game dev, which will delight those who are looking for something extraordinary and unexpected in the game world. We promise that the game will drag you 100% into its networks in this case.

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