Bee Simulator

Nacon, 17.11.2020
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Take part in the races and show who has the fastest wings in this swarm!
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Bee Simulator is a complete bee simulator. The developers have made every effort to convey a realistic gameplay on the screen. This is a game that can be played with children in order to demonstrate to them the features of the living world visually. There are many interesting game mechanics and ideas available here that make the gameplay multifaceted.

Game features

In Bee Simulator, the player takes control of a honey bee, and the gameplay consists of completing tasks appropriate to its daily life.

  • Beautiful and realistic play space

  • Convenient bee control

  • Collecting honey for the hive

  • Battles with wasps and spiders

  • Single-player campaign, where you have to protect a tree with a hive from people

  • Exploration mode for traveling around the available game world

  • Additional mode for competitions, including multiplayer and tasks in co-op mode

Bee Simulator is a graceful embodiment of a simple idea; a game that will impress both adults and children!

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