SEGA, 11.04.2017
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Bayonetta is another masterpiece from the PlatinumGames studio, known for the cult-based games Resident Evil and Devil May Cry
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Love complex slashers? And the Japanese style? If you have spent a lot of time in games of the Devil May Cry series, be sure to try the taste of Bayonetta. This is a powerful slasher that will amaze your imagination with a bright design and an abundance of techniques for the destruction of enemies.

Game Features

  • Enjoy the anime aesthetics in a bloody, dynamic, uncompromising action
  • Original combat system, which opens up great opportunities for battles
  • Combat capabilities unique to slashers — for example, a slow-mo effect
  • Non-standard bosses to whom you need to look for unexpected passing tactics
  • Exquisite visual style of the game world
  • A fairly convenient control, which stands out for the better among the most popular games of the genre

Bayonetta is a quality representative of its genre, which is able to win both fans and "random guests" .

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