Paradox Interactive, 24.04.2018
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Back in 3025, the galactic war unleashed, where instead of typical weapons people use mechanical combat vehicles.
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Battletech is a turn-based role-playing game in the universe of the same name, dedicated to the bloody future and battles of combat robots. The player will be transported to the beginning of the 31st century, becoming a member of the squad of elite mercenaries. Against the backdrop of a brutal war unfolding over spheres of influence in space.

Game features

• Turn-based battles based on the detailed constructor of "mechs" - giant robots • Unlimited possibilities for customization of combat vehicles with the possibility of fine-tuning - any mistake or carelessness can make the furs unviable in battle • Dynamic game situations on the battlefield, the outcome of which can not always be predicted • Interesting strategic plot elements • Atmospheric soundtrack

Battletech is a vivid embodiment of the popular theme of combat robots, implemented with details and love in the not very common genre format. This is noteworthy.

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