Batman: Arkham Origins

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, 25.10.2013
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Learn the story of becoming the greatest detective in the world with the new game from the grandiose line of Batman: Arkham
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Batman: Arkham Origins is the next game in the series about the legendary superhero, which offers to be in his shoes only a couple of years after returning to Gotham. That is, we are talking about a prequel. But already at this point, Batman managed to gain notoriety among local criminals, and a solid reward was assigned for his head. And this means that a lot of battles and bright opponents can not do.

Game features

• A dynamic, fascinating and sometimes mysterious story about the years of Batman's formation • A whole bunch of charismatic villains and many types of ordinary opponents, each of which requires a thoughtful individual approach • Mysterious and dangerous Gotham, worked out to the last street, in all its glory • A complete set of gadgets to destroy enemies • Multiplayer, in which you can try yourself in the role of Bane and the Joker

Batman: Arkham Knight is a non-stop cool gameplay, gloom and a sense of style. What else is needed for a cool game about the Dark Knight?

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