Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, 23.06.2015
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The premium edition includes the action movie itself and its seasonal subscription.
7.98 $
20.22 $

The epic completion of the Dark Knight games trilogy is also in the maximum edition for all dedicated fans. Meet Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition, which will help you get more pleasure from the history of the legendary superhero.

Edition Features

Batman: Arkham Knight Premium Edition includes the original game, plus all subsequent additions - in the person of Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass.

  • Gotham's signature spirit and atmosphere, seasoned with the thoughtfully crafted presence of the protagonist

  • Batmobile in this part of the game becomes an important component of the gameplay in the open world

  • Full completion of the story that began in the previous two games - Batman will face the final battle with a horde of canonical opponents

  • For the first time, fully open Gotham with many interesting and mysterious corners

  • Additional missions to search for and capture criminals

  • Updated combat system and many valuable superhero gadgets

All together - a must have for fans of the genre and everyone who is at least minimally partial to the history of Batman.

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