Daedalic Entertainment, 05.06.2019
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Barotrauma is a 2D adventure that gives players a unique survival experience on a hostile planet
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Life on Earth has come to an end, for the umpteenth time. People studied the situation and decided to move to a very unfriendly Europe. Not the continent, but the satellite of Jupiter. The ocean was on the satellite, and specially adapted submarines were sent there for research. Expecting to see microscopic organisms as a prerequisite to the fact that life in this unfriendly place is possible, the researchers faced a terrible one. As if, the lands from Lovecraft's stories were actually always in space. In this world of underwater monsters and desperately great depths (both oceans and space), you have to play Barotrauma.

Game features

Barotrauma is a minimalistic indie game, a multiplayer cooperative submarine simulator. (But you can try yourself in single player mode, playing with bots is possible). The player or team (friends, or random party members) needs to work together to conduct research and survive in this world.

  • Original plot and game concept

  • A well-thought-out character coordination system that strictly defines the full passage of game tasks

  • Each player has a strict specialization, role and tasks assigned to it. This is a medic, mechanic, engineer, security officer and captain of a submarine - up to 16 players in a submarine

  • Five submarine options to buy and upgrade vary greatly in capabilities

  • Flexible control of compartments, control of holes, the fight against monsters on board

  • Primitive but stylish graphics and animation

Barotrauma is a small hit that pleases primarily with its original concept and well-thought-out capabilities for team play.

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