The Banner Saga

Versus Evil, 14.01.2014
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The Banner Saga is a hike. Not a walk through the forest with an overnight stay, but a difficult, seemingly endless path through the lands of chaos that are rolling into the abyss, with short stops on rare islands of civilization
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The Banner Saga is an amazing combination of turn-based tactical strategy and text quest that can capture the attention and heart of a gamer. Deciding to buy The Banner Saga, you immerse yourself in a magical and harsh adventure in the entourage of snow-covered Scandinavia, immersed in myths and legends about local gods. Fight, move through the story and stop Ragnarok!

Game features

In the game The Banner Saga you have to take control of caravans that move around the map. On this way, one has to monitor the health and morale of people, feed them and prevent them from starvation, and also fight for survival. The caravans are pursued by the army of mechanical monsters who themselves are being saved from the onset of the all-consuming Darkness. In these difficult conditions, you have to find a way to protect your own clan. Get ready for difficult moral choices and ambivalent decisions.

  • Control caravan resources and make decisions whether to add new members to it.
  • Each character is a person with a unique name and a set of skills that will be differently valuable in the gameplay.
  • Flexible role-playing character pumping system.
  • A harsh plot with unexpected twists, tragic deaths and moments of hope.
  • Elegant cartoon game design, creating an atmosphere of a serious fairy tale.
  • Dialogues with an abundance of choices that seriously affect the plot.

Where can I buy The Banner Saga?

License keys for the game are available in the Gamefy Store. We offer low prices for a license - you just have to buy the keys and activate it in the game downloaded from Steam. Fascinating adventures in the land of snow!