The Banner Saga 2

Versus Evil, 19.04.2016
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The Banner Saga 2 is the sequel to an exciting saga that has won many awards and has been nominated for a BAFTA award
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The Banner Saga 2 is a direct continuation of the game The Banner Saga. This is a plot-oriented series of games, and the game mechanics have not changed. The hero will manage the caravan in the world of the looming Apocalypse in the world of harsh and snowy Scandinavia, looking for a way to salvation through game events caused by the plot. Battles are implemented in the form of turn-based tactics with the possibility of pumping and character development. We can buy The Banner Saga 2 under Steam at a bargain price.

Game features

The Banner Saga 2 is ideal for fans of the Heroes of Might and Magic and XCOM series. Although entertaining this game is difficult to call. The thing is in a tragic plot, where the player is waiting for death and danger at every turn, the constant loss of their favorite characters and the feeling of the coming end. Can you save the caravan in this part of the series? This will be known only after the multiple plot, where each decision is followed by its own denouement.

  • Difficult and thoughtful tactical role-playing battles with character pumping.
  • A plot with a choice that constantly influences subsequent events.
  • Bright and impressive game design, which has already become the hallmark of The Banner Saga series.
  • Rapidly developing events that do not give breath.

In sum, the ideal continuation that keeps the level of the first part.

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