Aven Colony

Team17 Digital Ltd, 25.07.2017
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Aven Colony - economic strategy, where you act as the manager of a new colony on Aven Prime
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Aven Colony is a proud representative of the rare genre of urban simulation (simulator) in space. The player will have to take control of a space settlement located in a distant, distant Galaxy, to turn it into a new oasis of life and prosperity, using the futuristic achievements of the scientific thought of mankind.

Game features

• An original concept that is rarely found in the game world • A well-weighted urban development simulator that even looks a little too much like the traditional “earthly” counterparts • A large number of technologies that allow you to create amazing urban concepts, and also help withstand space threats • Interesting missions and quests for a change to the main task • Nice graphics and a calm, interesting atmosphere. • High-quality soundtrack that fits perfectly into the concept of the game

Aven Colony is a must-have adventure for fans of the urban genre and a potentially interesting discovery for everyone else.

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