ARK: Survival Evolved

Studio Wildcard, 27.08.2017
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The fascinating and wonderful world of diverse dinosaurs awaits you!
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ARK Survival Evolved is a unique multiplayer survival simulator, where the player will face difficult living conditions on an island inhabited by dinosaurs. At every corner you are waiting for danger, but at the same time, the player has all the possibilities to tame the flora and fauna

Game features

  • Unique game concept, as for a multiplayer game, implemented with an abundance of relevant gameplay details
  • Build a settlement and settle down on the island, taming friendly dinosaurs in everyday life
  • Enjoy bright and enjoyable graphics in the game.
  • Countless survival factors: food, water, safety
  • Craft, which provides the creation of important game items
  • Flexible customization of the game character

ARK Survival Evolved - the answer to the question when you want to play something really original and non-standard.

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