Electronic Arts, 22.02.2019
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Anthem opens for you a joint role-playing action game in the new mysterious world of BioWare and EA
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Can you imagine what the name “game of the future" should embody? And what about the “biggest game”? Anthem developers have made their ambitious attempt and, in spite of everything, it is impossible to ignore it. If you are looking for a lot of epicism and action in the original NF setting, you are definitely here!

Game features

Anthem is a shooter with a focus on co-op, where the player will plunge into the exploration of the vast apocalyptic world. Once higher beings created it, but they did not finish it. The world turned out to be terrible and unfriendly, and all people are forced to live in cities behind high walls. Here, freelancers who operate high-tech javelin exoskeletons are involved in protection from external threats.

• Unique, written from scratch game world; • A dynamic system of battles and character development; • Four types of javelins that fundamentally differ from each other by the characteristics of the battle - Colossus, Interceptor, Ranger, Storm • Many interesting characters that create a three-dimensional representation of the game world • A global gaming world made almost perfectly visually

Anthem is an event in the gaming world. And you can only make an impression of this giant by tasting it!

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