Anno 1800

Ubisoft, 16.04.2019
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Become the Leader of the Industrial Revolution in the Anno 1800!
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Anno 1800 - a new game in the genre of town-planning simulator.

You have to develop a small island settlement of the XIX century in a thriving metropolis with developed industry and infrastructure. Games of the Anno series have always pleased users with interesting gameplay and good graphics. This strategy continues this good tradition. Urban simulator has already received a huge number of positive ratings from critics and fans of the series.

Main characteristics

All you need to start playing Anno 1800 - Uplay. On the gamefy website you can buy an activation key at an affordable price. The game has the following features:

  1. The plot. The user himself chooses the path of development, developing their cities. The gamer will have to become not only a wise manager, but also a talented diplomat, politician, merchant and commander.
  2. A trace in history. It depends only on you how people will remember you. You can become a tyrant or benefactor, invader or liberator. Each gamer will be able to choose their own unique path of development.
  3. Dangerous expeditions. Send immigrants to distant lands. Their artifacts will help accelerate the development of your cities, and the fight against enemies.
  4. Addictive multiplayer. The game has a sandbox mode, as well as random generation of trade routes and map generation. Classic multiplayer allows you to play with friends, and get maximum pleasure from the process.
  5. Anno Union. Registered users are given access to exclusive content.

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