American Truck Simulator

SCS Software, 02.02.2016
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Experience legendary American trucks and deliver various cargoes
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American Truck Simulator invites all fans of the genre of transport simulators to embark on a journey along the roads of America. And not just a trip, but perhaps the most highly detailed and realistic adventure that can only be seen on the monitor screen. The game serves as a development of the previous genre projects of SCS Software studio, offering a proven user experience for years.

Game features

American Truck Simulator is a traditional trucker simulator that provides a realistic gaming experience on the roads of North America.

  • High quality graphics and weather effects, interesting detailing of the cabin

  • Many recognizable locations and landscapes of the United States, which we have repeatedly seen, for example, in the movies

  • A wide variety of roads, because the USA is not only ideally smooth speed bumps

  • Perfectly balanced game mechanics that will not let you fly this or that route without effort and surprises

  • Realistic gameplay details of the game world, like weight control points

  • A wide variety of missions - the largest that can be imagined in the genre

American Truck Simulator is a smooth, organic and high-tech development of the traditions of the trucker simulator genre.

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