American Fugitive

Curve Digital, 21.05.2019
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American Fugitive is a classic action game with an open world and an isometric look
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American Fugitive is an action game with an open world and a top view in the best traditions of the early parts of the GTA series. Based on modern technical capabilities, indie developers presented another game with complete freedom of action, the world of which you simply want to explore.

Game features

The plot of American Fugitive begins with the murder of the father of the protagonist, somewhere in the American outback. Seeking to find the criminals and unleash the secret behind the murder, the protagonist plunges deeper into the world of crime. This story will not do without robberies, murders and chases with cops.

• Juicy and detailed graphics aerial view • A large open world in the surroundings of a small American town • A fascinating story that keeps the intrigue to the very end • Thoroughly thought out gameplay, where the player must not forget to eat and, for example, call the car if necessary by satellite phone • Smart game mechanics at every turn - for example, changing clothes and cars to get away from chasing • Live dialogues and humor, which qualitatively dilutes the gameplay

American Fugitive is a simple but fascinating and charming entertainment for a couple of evenings that will appeal to lovers of interesting stories and adventures in the open world.

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