Alan Wake's American Nightmare

Remedy Entertainment, 22.05.2012
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A new story about the talented writer Alan Wake
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Alan Wake's American Nightmare is a spin-off of the popular thriller from Finnish developers Remedy, where the main character Alan Wake will again face nightmares pursuing him. This time in completely new surroundings. Yes, and game mechanics has changed enough to consider this game just a complement to the original.

Game features

According to the plot of the new game, writer Alan Wake found himself in the world of the TV series Night Springs, for which he wrote a teleadaptation. Evil wants to lock it inside a fictional world, replacing itself in reality. The hero will have to break through his own nightmares and ideas to exit this maze.

• New original story in the Alan Wake universe • A new locale - the time has come for the American hinterland somewhere in Arizona • Change of emphasis from a psychological thriller to a nervous action - the player will have to shoot a lot more and master new types of weapons • All the best aspects and aspects of game design, visuals and music are recreated at the original level.

Alan Wake's American Nightmare is a quality development of the series that does not copy 100% of the successful first part.

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