Alan Wake

Remedy Entertainment, 16.02.2012
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Alan Wake discover a world full of different nightmares and fears. One has only to start playing, and the game will capture you until the very end.
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Alan Wake is an adventure horror from the Max Payne series developers (and, subsequently, Quantum Break) that has long become legendary. The main character - the author of the horror books Alan Wake goes into the outback in search of inspiration, and the reality around him begins to crumble rapidly. In the best traditions of Twin Peaks. We have to lead the hero to the answers to the frightening questions.

Game features

• Hypnotic gameplay, based on a gloomy design and adjusted, frighteningly beautiful graphics • Survival simulator - the minimum set of weapons and tools that will help to cope with enemies • A detailed world where you should definitely pay attention to the little things • Smart game mechanics, where the light of a flashlight directly affects the passing game - the struggle of "light and darkness" in the truest sense

Alan Wake - a masterpiece, "a must-read." A game filled with the symbolism of David Lynch’s films and Howard Phillips Lovecraft stories that enshrined computer games at the same height as other art genres.

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