Age of Wonders III Collection

Paradox Interactive, 31.03.2014
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Age of Wonders III - Collection combines elements of turn-based strategy, role-playing and fantasy. It preserves the unique concept of the previous parts.
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Age Of Wonders 3 is a great modernized example from the recent past of how you can carry Heroes Of Might And Magic ideas now. Inheriting the basic concepts of the first two parts of the series, Age Of Wonders III offers to become a wizard in the fantasy world. The key to success here is alliances, wars and victories. To do this, you will have to put together a powerful army, explore the territory and conquer the possessions of other heroes. Spells play an important role, both in battle and on the strategic map. You will have to carefully think through each move, as opponents will not give a second chance in this hardcore world! Age Of Wonders III Collection offers the most voluminous way to enjoy your favorite game.

Features of the collection edition

• Age Of Wonders III Collection includes the main game plus all official add-ons: Deluxe Edition DLC, Eternal Lords Expansion, Golden Realms Expansion. • An abundance of game content and scripts that will help you get the most out of the process • Successful three-dimensional graphics that do not distract from the main game • Thoroughly designed game design, where each element is in its place • Smart enough artificial intelligence, capable of giving battle even to an experienced player • A lot of options for pumping the hero and castles, which affects the development of actions in the game directly

Age Of Wonders III Collection is the most complete way to plunge into the world of magical, epic and bloody adventures.

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