Welcome to the gamefy!

gamefy is a comprehensive platform for gamers. We are already 4 years old and we are ready to introduce a new product - gamefy.store - a new online video game store.

Video games today are Steam, Origin, Ubisoft, Battle.net, PSN, Xbox. But the market does not stand still, developers every day produce many games: from AAA games to indie. This is good for players, but the paradox of choice happens: because of the variety, it is difficult to choose the right one for yourself so as not to waste money. gamefy.store solve these problems!

What can you do on gamefy.store?

  • buy games at the best prices 24/7;
  • easy to find a game for yourself - the interface is intuitive, and the site flies;
  • view game reviews;
  • find out the latest gaming news - in our social networks;
  • find new friends for joint missions.

How it works?

To start playing:
select a game;
make payment;
* get access key.

We send the access key to the mail within a few minutes. The key is tied to an account, it is easy to find it in your account on the site, if you suddenly lost a letter.

We guarantee that the keys are official. Everything is working!

Our technical support is ready to help if there are difficulties with the goods. We will solve the problem, or refund the money.

Why gamefy?
We are gamers. Therefore created a gamefy, as for ourselfs.
Our goal is to collect gamers on a single platform, and give quick access to your favorite games.

Gamefy team